Why Consider “Teach English Abroad” Programs?

If you have a passion for teaching and travel, why not combine your interests and teach English abroad? Programs and opportunities for English-speaking teachers are affluent in foreign countries. Through the help of our knowledgeable recruiters, you’ll find plenty of English teaching job prospects in new and exciting parts of the world. Recruiters will interview you via Skype or phone to assess your goals, experience, and qualifications – allowing them to place you in the appropriate environment.

Prospects for New Graduates
For individuals who’ve recently graduated, finding employment at schools is often hit or miss. Some hire based on experience while others tend to be more accommodating to new graduates. ESL Job Link often partners with candidates who don’t necessary have hard teaching experience. However, if you’ve recently graduated with a degree in an area other than education, it’s a good idea to look into obtaining a Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification. Volunteering can also boost your chances of finding overseas employment as an English teacher.

One-On-One Services
If you’re relocating to South Korea, you’ll always have supportive recruiters to fall back on. Reliable teaching recruitment agencies not only meet with candidates in person, they also take the time to visit schools before sending teachers. By speaking with a recruiting company first-hand, you’ll have the opportunity to pose your questions, interests, and concerns. Having access to resources and knowledgeable professionals is always helpful when you’re looking to teach English abroad. Programs, such as EPIK, demand certain requirements – which a recruiter can fill you in on.

Affordable Relocation

ESL Job Link doesn’t charge any fees for recruiting services. In fact, the entire process is typically cost-effective. For one, qualifying teachers don’t have to handle airline costs or rent payments, as schools cover them. Other costs, such as food, utilities, medical care, and income taxes, are highly affordable in countries such as South Korea. In addition, you’ll have the freedom to travel during your vacation time. Whether you’d prefer to explore other regions of the country you’re placed in or you’d like to go elsewhere, there are many opportunities available.

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