Dress Code at School

Please be advised that most Korean schools (public & private) enforce a semi-professional dress code. Please make sure to bring enough suitable clothing to remain presentable during your employment period in South Korea.

Acceptable attire for Men: Dress pants, khakis, collared shirts (short or long sleeve), golf shirts, sweaters (no hoodies), clean shoes, vests, and so on. Clean cut jeans are only accepted by ‘some’ schools. Note: Wearing a tie to work is not mandatory; however, it’s wise to dress professionally a few times each week.

Non-acceptable attire for Men: T-shirts, ripped or torn clothing, sandals, flip flops, hats, shorts, clothing with offensive or political language/statements, hoodies, dirty clothing, etc.

Recommended for Men & Women: ESL Job Link advises all male and female teachers to bring at least a couple of formal seasonal outfit to Korea (e.g. suit, dress or proper slacks, shirt and tie). During your time in Korea it’s highly possible that you’ll be invited to a wedding, formal event, school presentation, etc. and having a couple of formal outfit at your disposal is wise.

BIG and/or TALL men & women in Korea – Large and tall people may have difficulties locating retail stores that sell suitable clothing sizes. Korean’s are noticeably smaller than westerners; therefore, many stores will have limited selections for anyone who is noticeably bigger or taller than average.

Shoe sizes in Korea (men & women) – If you have larger than average feet them make sure to bring enough shoes with you. Most Koreans tend to have smaller feet and their shoe stores will have limited selections of oversize shoes and boots available. Anything larger than a US size 11 for males and US size 8 for females will be hard to find in Korea.