Get Paid to Teach English in a City with Rich Tradition and Natural Beauty #160

School Type:   Private
School Location:   Wonju, Gangwondo, South Korea
Number of Teachers to Hire:   1
Desired Arrival Date:   August 20th, 2014
Total Number of Foreign Teachers:   4
Student Age Group:   Elementary – Middle school students
Monthly Salary (USD):   2,200 USD
Teaching Hours (hrs/week):   30
School Hours (from____ to ____):   from 3pm to 9:30pm
Working Days:   Monday-Friday
Class Size (___ students/class):   12
Type of Housing:   One-Room
Time from Housing to School (in minutes on foot):   15
Vacation (days a year):   10
Free Airfare:   Round-trip
Free Housing:   Yes
Severance Pay:   Yes
Health Insurance:   Half

Additional Comments: 

** Wonju is a city with a total population of about 328,000, approximately 1 hour away from Seoul to the east. It has many beautiful mountains and is also close to the east coast. Historically it was the capital of Gangwondo and is the largest city in the region. Please find more information about the city at