Hiring Education Major at Private School near Busan #173

School Type:   Private
School Location:   Jinju, Gyeongnam, South Korea
Number of Teachers to Hire:   1
Desired Arrival Date:   Early January, 2015
Total Number of Foreign Teachers:   2
Student Age Group:   Elementary – middle school students
Monthly Salary (USD):   2,100-2,200 USD
Teaching Hours (hrs/week):   30
School Hours (from____ to ____):   from 3 to 10pm (M-T), from 3 to 7pm (F)
Working Days:   Monday-Friday
Class Size (___ students/class):   12
Type of Housing:   One-room
Time from Housing to School (in minutes on foot):   15
Vacation (days a year):   10
Free Airfare:   Round-trip
Free Housing:   Yes
Severance Pay:   Yes
Health Insurance:   Yes
Half of Pension Plan:   Yes

Additional Comments: 

Airfare: reimburse it later at school after a teacher purchases his or her flight ticket to Korea

** Jinju is a city with a total population of about 350,000, approximately 1 hour west of Busan. Please find more information at the city website.