Karlene Groshek

Spanish Liberal Arts major, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Class of 2011

“While speaking with Don, I could tell how much he valued education and was willing to support university graduates. He was accommodating and worked diligently to find me a placement site. Teaching in Korea was not without its challenges, but overall the positive aspects outshine the small difficulties. I gained a clearer sense of who I am, my career aspirations, Korean culture, the Korean education system, as well as countless networks with friends from all over the world. The experience has grown and shaped me as a person, and I am very thankful for Don’s help and efforts. The preschool and primary school students I taught were wonderful children that worked extremely hard. I give a lot of credit to them for their ability to persevere in a society which demands so much from them at a young age. For those who are considering a teaching position in South Korea, make sure you understand your full potential and have confidence in yourself as a teacher. Don will work closely with you to find a suitable placement, but you must have clear aspirations. Set goals, but also graciously accept changes as they come. Know that teaching in Korea is an experience that will enrich your life. You will be taken out of your comfort zone in more ways than you expect, but it will stretch you and grow you as a person for your benefit. South Korea will offer you countless ways to experience the culture while at work and on your own time, whether it be a traditional festival, musical performance, school field trip, or outdoor adventure.”

By Karlene Groshek, Spanish Liberal Arts major, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Class of 2011

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