Christine Grotjohn

Psychology Major, Gustavus Adolphus College, Class of 2009

Do you have the desire to live and work abroad? If so, working as an English Language Teacher could be the perfect opportunity for you! South Korea is one of the highest paying countries for teaching English and a very foreigner friendly country full of adventure! It provides the ability to travel throughout Southeast Asia and beyond, either during your year abroad or post contract and is a great way to build your professional reputation.

I moved to Korea just after graduating college in 2009. I taught English at a wonderful school in a suburb of Seoul for one year. In that time, I gained experience as a teacher in my first professional job, traveled around Korea, expanded my food pallet, and earned a great living while enjoying life in another culture.

After returning home, I worked in the corporate world for three years. While I loved my job in America, I had a strong desire to live and work abroad again, so I returned to Korea for a second contract. I have traveled Korea even more extensively, had my entire family and several friends come visit, and have plans to travel to more countries, post contract. Since living in Korea, I have traveled to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Between my two years in Korea, I have earned a great income that has allowed me to pay off a significant amount of my college loans in addition to saving and having the freedom to enjoy life abroad. Teaching in Korea is an amazing opportunity to have housing and airfare provided, build a professional reputation, live abroad, and experience the adventures of life in another culture.  If you enjoy children, have a positive attitude, lots of energy, and are willing to work hard, the opportunities in this small but beautiful country are endless!

By Christine Grotjohn, Psychology major, Gustavus Adolphus College, Class of 2009

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