Recruiting Process

1. Apply online at : upload your resume & photo.

2. Meet with our recruiter in person.

3. Research schools and job openings. Please check your passport at this point.

4. INTERVIEW with schools. —— International phone or Skype interview

5. Sign a contract.

6. Send the FIRST set of visa documents to South Korea to get a visa issuance number.

(Please use DHL or FedEx International Priority.)

7. Get your Visa Issuance Number from South Korea. It takes about a week or two to receive.

8. Send the SECOND set of visa documents to the Korean Consulate by EXPRESS mail.

9. Receive your E-2 visa in about 10 business days.

10. We will book a flight to South Korea and arrange airport pickup service for you.

11. Arrive in South Korea.

12. Get medical check-up at a designated hospital

13. Apply for alien ID card.

14. Set up your Korean bank account.