Important Information

1. First Come – First Served Policy

Public school positions are filled on a first come, first served basis; those who pass the interview and submit all of their documents first (error free documents) are awarded with 1 year teaching contracts. There are lots of jobs available at the beginning of each semester (spring and fall) but they do fill up quickly so make sure to begin collecting all of the required documents as soon as possible.

2. FBI Criminal Record Check

All American teachers must submit FBI Criminal Record Check. FBI checks can literally take at least 3 months to process, so it’s crucial to order this document months in advance. Without the check it’s not possible to secure the job and visa; therefore, those who order it late will likely miss the document submission deadline. Please consult with ESL Job Link about FBI check and Apostille.

3. Non-education Majors Must Get TEFL / TESOL / CELTA Certified

Public schools have a preference for applicants with credentials. Therefore, if you have an unrelated major and no teaching credentials (i.e. no full time teaching experience, teaching license, etc.) then having a 120hr online TEFL certification is more preferable than having the bare minimum 100hr certification. Please consult with ESL Job Link about online TEFL programs. Volunteering for one of youth teaching programs or ESL programs available in the community is also recommended.

4. Double Submissions

EPIK does not accept the same person’s application twice. Meaning, if you’re working with multiple recruiting agents, then the company who submits your EPIK application and initial documents first will automatically become your representative throughout the remaining stages of the job and visa process.

5. Public Schools Do Not Return Documents Once They’ve Been Submitted

Please be advised that public schools do not return documents to teachers or recruiters regardless of the final outcome of the selection process. Once your documents have been submitted, they stay submitted.

6. ESL Job Link & Applicants Confidentiality

Copying, forwarding or distributing ESL Job Link documents and information to third parties is strictly prohibited without the written consent of ESL Job Link’s senior management. Both parties understand and agree that all communications (emails, phone calls, documents, other) are between ESL Job Link and the applicant and all information exchanged is strictly confidential.

7. Name Discrepancies

All names shown on your documents must match the first and last name shown on your passport. Meaning the name that appears on your degree, criminal record check, recommendation letters, etc. must be the same name that appears on your passport. If you have name discrepancies between documents then you must submit additional documentation that verifies you’re the same person because Korean Immigration does not make assumptions. Please make sure to speak with ESL Job Link if any of your documents don’t match up.

8. Liability

While ESL Job Link shall provide support and assistance to you if you are employed as a result of ESL Job Link’s placement and recruiting services, any teaching contract shall be solely between you and the contracting school. ESL Job Link is not responsible or liable for breach of a teaching contract by either party, nor for any situation, including school closure or bankruptcy of the contracting school, which results in a teaching contract not being fulfilled. If you are terminated for any reason by a contracting school, it is not ESL Job Link’s responsibility to rectify the situation or to find you alternative employment.