Public Schools in South Korea Seek Full-time English Teachers in 2015 #157

School Type:    Public Schools
School Location:    Nationwide, South Korea
Desired Arrival Date:    late February 2015
Student Age Group:   Elementary – High School
Monthly Salary (USD):    2,000 – 2,600 USD
Teaching Hours (hrs/week):    22
School Hours:    from 8am to 4pm
Working Days:    Monday-Friday
Class Size:    25-35
Type of Housing:    One-Room
Time from Housing to School:    15
Vacation:    18
Sick Days:    3
Free Airfare:    Round-trip
Free Housing:    Yes
Severance Pay:   Yes
Half of Health Insurance:    Yes
Half of Pension Plan:    Yes

Additional Comments:

1. Non-education majors are required to get TEFL certified. Please consult with ESL Job Link to get information about reliable TEFL online programs and providers.

2. FBI Criminal record check must be submitted.

3. Applicants are advised to contact ESL Job Link before September 1.