Reed Schmidt

English major, University of Minnesota, Morris, Class of 2008

“I came to South Korea just over a month ago, and I couldn’t have done it without ESL Job Link. They helped me every step of the way: from deciding where I’d like to go and what kind of school would be right for me, to getting an interview and accomplishing all the details necessary to make it all happen. ESL Job Link answered all my (many!) questions promptly, and if they didn’t have the answers they always figured it out, found the proper connections, and got back to me promptly with the sought after answers. It can be a daunting task figuring out how to move across the world, but ESL Job Link made it as smooth as possible, and I always had a sense that they were behind me every step of the way: ESL Job Link was sincerely concerned not only with getting teachers for the schools, but also with making sure that us, the teachers, would get what we were looking for. They earnestly want both the school and the teachers to be a perfect a fit for each other.

Life in Korea has been a greater opportunity than even I imagined it would be. The teachers and staff where I’ve been hired are helpful, fun, and kind. Working with the children is a lot of fun and greatly fulfilling: you’ll know what I mean when you first notice that little boy or girl speaking better and better English every week! It has been, and continues to be, such an adventure being a part of the world of Korea. If you are at all thinking of coming, do it! You won’t regret it if you are a person who loves children, learning about new cultures, and having an experience you will never forget. ESL Job Link will get you there!”

By Reed Schmidt, English major, University of Minnesota, Morris, Class of 2008

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