Teach English to Middle School Students in a Highly Competitive Area in Seoul #179

School Type:   Private
School Location:   Jamsil, Seoul
Number of Teachers to Hire:   1
Desired Arrival Date:   Mid or late February, 2015
Total Number of Foreign Teachers:   4
Student Age Group:   Elementary-middle school students
Monthly Salary (USD):   2,100-2,400 USD
Teaching Hours (hrs/week):   30
School Hours (from____ to ____):   from 2 pm to 10 pm (Working hours can change slightly by students enrollment.)
Working Days:   Monday-Friday
Class Size (___ students/class):   12
Type of Housing:   One-Room
Time from Housing to School (in minutes on foot):   15
Vacation (days a year):   10 days a year
Free Airfare:   One-way
Free Housing:   Yes
Severance Pay:   Yes
Health Insurance:   Half
Half of Pension Plan:   Yes

Additional Comments: 

Please note that this school teaches elementary and middle school students among whom are seeking to enter highly competitive international middle and high schools or foreign schools, which means teachers’ teaching schedule would be very tight, so they would not be able to use paid vacations evenly in summer and winter. For example, in summer teachers will have 2 vacation days, but in winter they will finish their contract 8 days earlier, instead of having 8 days of winter vacation.