Teaching English Enriching Lives of Children in Seoul Metro #174

School Type:  Private
School Location:  Suji, Yongin, Seoul Metro
Number of Teachers to Hire: 2
Desired Arrival Date:  Late February, 2015
Total Number of Foreign Teachers:  6
Student Age Group:  Preschool – Elementary students
Monthly Salary (USD):  2,200-2,400 USD
Teaching Hours (hrs/week):  124 hrs/month
School Hours:  from 9:30am to 6:30pm
Working Days:  Monday-Friday
Class Size:  12
Type of Housing:  One-room
Time from Housing to School:  15
Vacation:  10
Free Airfare:  One-way ticket + half of returning ticket price
Free Housing:  Yes
Severance Pay:  Yes
Half of Health Insurance:  Yes

Additional Comments:  ESL Job Link has placed more than 20 Minnesota teachers at this school since 2008. Work hours vary depending on individual teaching schedule. Subway station is located within 20 minute walking distance from school. By subway, it takes only 40 minutes to get to the heart of Seoul.