Hiring Experienced Teacher with Teaching License in Seoul #164

School Type:  Private
School Location:  Gangseo, Seoul
Number of Teachers to Hire:  1
Desired Arrival Date:  December 11, 2014
Total Number of Foreign Teachers:  12
Student Age Group:  Preschool – Elementary
Monthly Salary (USD):  2,200 – 2,500 USD
Teaching Hours (hrs/week):  30
School Hours:  from 9:30am to 6:30pm (Depending on teacher’s teaching schedule)
Working Days:  Monday-Friday
Class Size:  12
Type of Housing:  Apartment
Time from Housing to School:  20
Vacation:  10
Sick Days:  2
Free Airfare:  One-way
Free Housing:  Yes
Severance Pay:  Yes
Half of Health Insurance:  Yes
Half of Pension Plan:  Yes

Additional Comments:  ESL Job Link placed more than 10 teachers at this school since 2011. Work hours vary depending on individual teaching schedule.  Subway station is in 5 minute walking distance.