University Teaching Positions in Turkey #143

School Type:  University
School Location:  Gaziantep, Turkey
Number of Teachers to Hire:  6
Desired Arrival Date:  September 2, November 2014, January 29, March 26 2015
Total Number of Foreign Teachers:  22
Student Age Group:  University freshmen
Monthly Salary (USD):  $1,750-2,000
Teaching Hours (hrs/week):  22
School Hours:  from 8:30am to 5pm
Working Days:  Monday-Friday
Class Size:  15-18/class
Type of Housing:  Apartment
Time from Housing to School:  15 minutes by shuttle bus
Vacation:  15 days a year
Sick Days: 0
Free Airfare:  Yes
Free Housing:  Yes
Severance Pay:  No
Half of Health Insurance:  All health insurance premium paid by university
Half of Pension Plan:  No

Additional Comments:

Basic Qualifications

The prospective Instructor may possess at least one of the following credentials to qualify for this position:

  • An undergraduate degree in Applied Linguistics/TESOL Track (B.A. Applied Linguistics).
  • An undergraduate degree in Education with English Language Teaching Major (B.A. Education).
  • A general undergraduate degree, preferably in Humanities with one of the TESL Certifications, TEFL-USA, TESOL-Canada, CELTA or Trinity College Diploma-UK.
  • A master’s degree in TESOL/Education with English Language Teaching Track.
  • A Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and/or ESL/EFL


Basic duties:

  • Instructors are responsible for preparation, delivery, and evaluation of English language courses.
  • Instructors must prepare detailed, student progress reports and attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Text books, teaching materials and supplementary materials are provided.
  • Instructors may be required to teach in the business English program at the University’s Continuing Education Center.


Salary and Benefits

The salary below is the exact amount that respective teachers with relevant degrees receive in their Turkish bank account after deductions of taxes and health insurance premium.

– Instructors are required to be on campus 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

– Instructors teach 22 contact hours per week, plus 20 hours of preparation and 5 office hours.

– The contract is for one year (12 months) and it is renewable.

  • Bachelor’s degree holder: $1,750
  • Master’s degree holder: $1,850
  • Ph. D. degree holder: $2,000
  • Ph. D. in English Literature, Linguistics, TEFL: Negotiable
  • Annual salary increase.
  • Free round-trip airfare (airfare from Istanbul to Gaziantep provided)
  • Free furnished housing (teachers only pay for utilities)
  • National health insurance paid by university
  • Income tax paid by university
  • 15 days of paid vacation a year (During breaks between terms teachers may have unpaid vacation)
  • Foreign teachers live in the same apartment complex.
  • Salary is wired into individual account in Turkish Lira.
  • Pay day is 10th of every month.


Required Documents

It takes approximately 2 months to get a work visa from Turkey, so candidates should plan ahead to meet arrival dates.

1.       Copy of diploma

2.       1st page of Passport

3.       Documents to fill out (will be emailed to candidates)

4.       Copy of transcripts

5.       Criminal background check (State criminal background check is ok.)

6.       Health report

  • All candidates MUST submit a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate after arriving at school. An online certificate would work fine.


Arrival dates in Turkey

1.       1st Term: on Sep 2

2.       2nd Term: on Nov 20

3.       3rd Term: on Jan 29

4.       4th Term: on Mar 26