Volunteer Opportunities


Besides job placement, ESL Job Link also offers volunteer opportunities in Minnesota and South Korea for teacher candidates and our alumni.

group discussion

In Minnesota, teachers have the opportunity to help Korean undergraduate students who are currently studying at St. Cloud State University. These students spend one month in Minnesota during the winter and summer. Teachers can spend a few hours mentoring in the classroom, as well as attending social events. They also have the opportunity to help Korean students prepare a presentation of their experience before they leave Minnesota. Our alumni have also volunteered at local college job fairs representing ESL Job Link.


Our teachers can also volunteer in South Korea while they are working there. Teachers have enjoyed teaching American culture and etiquette courses, as well as classroom management at Gyeongin National University of Education. Korean students take these courses before coming to Minnesota.

Summer 2012 Program Orientation at GINUE

Our alumni have also had the opportunity to volunteer in a broad variety of settings, from one-on-one conversational English tutoring to coaching soccer and ice hockey.

Ice Hockey

If you are interested in exploring ESL Job Link’s volunteer opportunities, Contact Us today!