Randon Sommars

Psychology major, Bethel University, Class of 2009

Well, this is a somewhat difficult question to answer. In all honesty I didn’t really choose Korea, Korea chose me. Back in 2010 I graduated university and randomly found an advertisement which Don (owner of ESL Job Link) had posted through my university job search engine. I thought, ‘might as well try it’. So I applied and three hours later I received a phone call requesting to meet me in person near my university. After meeting in a café for two hours and getting to know each other, Don was able to find several different options for me to work in Korea. At that time I was clueless as to what I was getting myself into, however, Don was able to guide me and help me find the right location for me to work in. Since that day, I have always been in contact with Don. He has always gone above and beyond to help me in a variety ways over the years.

Now fast-forward 5 years, 5 different apartments, three different jobs, countless number of students from 5- 70 years old, 14 international flights, 3 Korean language courses, and 1 marriage later, I’m still experiencing the great things that Korea has to offer. It has been a real joy to travel, meet, play, and to work with great people, both native and foreign. Everything has been one great journey, one absolutely amazing experience and it all started with just one email.

By Randon Sommars, Psychology major, Bethel University, Class of 2009

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